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Press Releases

Press Releases

In this section you will find an overview of our press releases.

With ten subsidiaries, there are plenty of operating activities and associated notable events which our industrial holding company is engaged with.

We want to provide our readers with regular updates of the business development in our subsidiaries as well as information about us as an industrial holding company, offering practical examples to illustrate our proximity to the various markets and medium-sized industries.

14. Jun 2018

PartnerFonds AG acquires 44% interest in public company Blue Cap AG

PartnerFonds AG is pleased to announce that on 12 June 2018, the company completed an off-market transaction to acquire a 44% interest in Blue Cap AG from Dr. Hannspeter Schubert, founder and previous majority shareholder, who in turn acquired an interest in PartnerFonds AG to become the majority shareholder of the latter. In his role as CEO, Dr. Schubert will continue to oversee and accompany the successful growth of Blue Cap AG and its portfolio companies.

18. May 2018

Partnerfonds AG: Hans-Dieter Wunderlich resigns as Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Hans-Dieter Wunderlich, acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PartnerFonds AG, informed the Supervisory Board of the company on 24 April 2018 that he intends to resign as Chairman of the Supervisory Board with immediate effect. Hans-Dieter Wunderlich will remain a member of the Supervisory Board of PartnerFonds AG. Dr. Heinrich Jakobs, Deputy-Chairman of the Supervisory Board, will chair the Supervisory Board on an interim basis.

29. Mar 2018

PartnerFonds AG acquires established packaging producer romwell

PartnerFonds AG, an investment company based in Planegg/Munich, acquires all business interests of romwell GmbH & Co. KG, an acclaimed producer of industrial packaging solutions. The takeover of this company from the founding family marks already the second acquisition completed by PartnerFonds AG within the past four months, further strengthening the asset portfolio of PartnerFonds group.

09. Feb 2018

PartnerFonds AG affiliate Zürcher Bau GmbH launches new patented machine technology

PartnerFonds AG is pleased to announce that Zürcher Bau GmbH, after a nine-year development and construction effort, has successfully launched a patented machine technology for use in novel revamping projects at rail construction sites. PartnerFonds AG has held a silent partnership interest in Zürcher Bau GmbH since 2016.

08. Jan 2018

PartnerFonds AG acquires majority interest in Musik Produktiv GmbH & Co. KG

PartnerFonds AG is pleased to announce that the company increased its ownership interest in Musik Produktiv GmbH & Co. KG ("Musik Produktiv") to 60% on 20 December 2017. As a growth financier of the German SME sector, PartnerFonds AG has been an active equity holder of Musik Produktiv GmbH & Co. KG since July 2015 and is therefore highly familiar with the company's management.

17. Dec 2017

PartnerFonds AG receives proceeds from Steelcom debenture redemption at expiry and announces new majority stakeholdings

Steelcom S.A.M., an international steel trading group, has fully redeemed the debentures received from PartnerFonds AG in 2011 to their principal amount of EUR 5 million on the date of maturity.

01. Jun 2017

Oliver Kolbe appointed CEO of PartnerFonds AG

The Supervisory Board of PartnerFonds AG has appointed Oliver Kolbe (50) as CEO of the company effective 23 May 2017. The previous Executive Board members retire from the company by mutual consent. Oliver Kolbe will be responsible for advancing PartnerFonds AG into a reliable partner of the SME sector in the German-speaking region. The goal is to achieve profitable growth of PartnerFonds AG by investing in high-return companies in high-growth industries, capture a greater market share and sustainably increase the shareholder value of PartnerFonds AG.

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