Blue Cap AG and PartnerFonds AG: Setting the Course for Stability and Sustainable Growth
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13. May. 2019 09:36

Blue Cap AG and PartnerFonds AG: Setting the Course for Stability and Sustainable Growth

PartnerFonds AG and Blue Cap AG have agreed to join forces in continuing and advancing the successful business model of Blue Cap AG. In the framework of this strategy targeted at sustainability and stability, the Supervisory Board of Blue Cap AG shall be enhanced. Dr. Hannspeter Schubert, founder and CEO of Blue Cap AG, intends to orderly place the management of his company into new hands.

Planegg, 13 May 2019 – The Supervisory Board of the industrial holding company Blue Cap AG (listed on the Frankfurt and Munich stock exchanges), having sole competence for election proposals, recommends to appoint Prof. Dr. Thorsten Grenz and Michel Galeazzi - the two candidates nominated by majority shareholder PartnerFonds «Kapital für den Mittelstand» Anlage GmbH & Co. KG - as new Supervisory Board members. A motion to supplement the agenda of the General Meeting of Blue Cap AG to be convened on 7 June 2019, requesting an enlargement of the Supervisory Board and proposing the aforementioned candidates to the shareholders, is also supported by CEO Dr. Hannspeter Schubert. The current Supervisory Board members Prof. Dr. Bräutigam and Stephan W. Werhahn will remain in their supervisory roles.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Grenz will be suggested to the General Meeting as an acclaimed expert of corporate governance for public companies. In addition to working with McKinsey and 3i Group, Prof. Grenz served as CEO of mobilcom AG and Veolia Umweltservice GmbH. He has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA in Lübeck for many years and currently also serves as Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Schaltbau Holding AG in Munich. Prof. Grenz has been a visiting professor at Kiel University (CAU) for some time. Since January 2015, he has been President of the Financial Experts Association, an interest group which represents independent financial experts serving in a supervisory role.

Upon his election, Michel Galeazzi will become the successor of Dr. Ida Bagel, who resigned from her position as Supervisory Board member as per the upcoming General Meeting. Mr. Galeazzi boasts many years of experience as well as an excellent track record in the private equity sector. As a founding partner of Evoco AG in Zurich, he was instrumental in setting up a successful investment division that invests in medium-sized enterprises in a variety of industries across Europe as well as in emerging markets. Prior to his activity at Evoco AG, Michel Galeazzi worked with HgCapital, where he oversaw strategic and operational projects on behalf of the portfolio companies, as well as with 3i Group, where he was a member of the European buyout team. Evoco AG has been a new anchor investor of PartnerFonds AG through its Evoco TSE II LP fund since 24 April 2019.

By the end of this year, the Supervisory Board of Blue Cap AG will appoint new members into the Executive Board of Blue Cap AG and, in doing so, will decide upon the proposal to extend the Executive Board to three members in order to be well positioned for the next entrepreneurial development stage.

Dr. Hannspeter Schubert, who has been instrumental in developing Blue Cap AG into an impressive success story, fully supports this endeavour. "Our goal is to preserve our expertise, network and experience while carefully implementing the succession over the long term in the interest of all involved parties, particularly the employees and shareholders of Blue Cap AG," he adds. Dr. Hannspeter Schubert, in his capacity as a shareholder of PartnerFonds, will retain an economic interest in the joint success of both companies.

Oliver Kolbe, CEO of Partner Fonds AG, is convinced that the company is heading along a successful path: "As an active major shareholder, we support the further advancement of Blue Cap AG based on the current business model which Dr. Hannspeter Schubert has successfully developed throughout many years. This holds highly promising perspectives for the industrial holding company as well as its employees, customers and debt financiers, and confirms our expectations of being able to exploit further medium-term potentials for the benefit of all shareholders."

About PartnerFonds AG

As an industrial holding company of the SME sector, PartnerFonds AG (ISIN: DEOOOAOV9AZ7) and its public subsidiary Blue Cap AG invest in medium-sized enterprises with an industrial focus and a high growth potential. In line with this "buy, hold & develop" strategy, our subsidiaries are independent business entities operating under the umbrella of PartnerFonds AG to form a strong group of medium-sized companies with an industrial bias.

Investments are focused on majority stakeholdings of companies in the German-speaking region. Our target companies typically generate sales revenues in the range of EUR 10 to 50 million and have a profitable and robust core business.

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