Partnerfonds AG: Schaeffler AG acquires Elmotec Statomat GmbH
04. Dec. 2018 11:29

Partnerfonds AG: Schaeffler AG acquires Elmotec Statomat GmbH

Planegg,  4 December 2018 – Schaeffler AG, a supplier of automotive and industrial companies based in Herzogenaurach, has announced the acquisition of Elmotec Statomat GmbH, a leading producer of manufacturing machines for electric motors.

“We are extremely pleased to see how Elmotec Statomat has been able to further strengthen its position among the leading international suppliers of machines for the manufacturing of stators since our entry, and how it is proceeding on its growth path as a technology leader within the Schaeffler group. The successful development of this company and the ultimate sale are testament to our expertise in handling high-growth hidden champions in the industrial SME sector," says Oliver Kolbe, CEO of PartnerFonds AG.

PartnerFonds AG acquired a silent partnership interest in Elmotec Statomat of Karben through a growth financing transaction launched in 2016.

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